Our Mission Statement

At Tracy Lynn Dressage we pride ourselves on preserving and mastering the art of Classical Dressage. Through rhythm and relaxation we teach our horses how to perform the difficult movements of upper level dressage without force or harm caused to the horses physical and mental condition. Our High School horses perform without the use of a whip or spurs and are only ridden in a simple snaffle or double bridle. We encourage our students to participate in clinics with fellow trainers and expand their education in anyway they can.

At Tracy Lynn Dressage, we enjoy showing at competitions with some of our clients of all levels or attending clinics with top riders in our sport to further our educations.

Here, we are not limited to the sport of Dressage. All disciplines are welcomed and accepted because Dressage is the building blocks for balance and fitness for all sports. Whether you want to create better lightness in your reining horse or show them how it's done at 3-day shows, we have programs for everyone. 

After over a decade of working with Iberian breeds, TLD specializes in the PRE, Lusitano, and Friesian for dressage and competition in breed shows. In addition to Iberian breeds, TLD also has extensive knowledge on the Arabian for dressage and sport horse competitions. All breeds are welcomed and will be trained with the same classical prinicples that the sensitive Iberian breeds and Arabians require.  

 *Tracy Lynn is also a full time student at CSUN studying for a BA in psychology.