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Celebraion in Santa Barbara!



Photo Shoot with Elise Genest: May 25-26 at Oak Hill

Celebration of the Pure Spanish Horse!!!

August 30- September 4 in Las Vegas

It's almost here! Gavilan BMR and Genio-MAC will be there representing TLD.

 Dressage, Sport horse in hand, PRE breed classes, and entertainment of all kinds.


Fiesta of the Spanish Horse!

Gavilan BMR was first in Training Level Test 1


Dressage at Spirit Equestrian

August 6-7 www.spiritequestrian.com

Gavilan got a 67% and a 68%. Genio did his first I-1 test and scored a 61% giving us our first score towards my gold medal. Prestigio MAC got a 67% and 69% in his second show.